Mary Page Jones

After a 30-year hiatus, Mary Page Jones resumed life as a silversmith. In the intervening years, her home was in Jerusalem, on the island of Cyprus, Hawaii, Wyoming,  Arizona and landing in Richmond, Virginia. From her collection of Virginia family silver, jewelry acquired in the Middle East, Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan and Hawaii come pendants, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Her vision for repurposing opens a world of possibilities and unique jewelry. Mary Page believes if it can be thought, it can be done. Her international and national clientele appreciate the inclusion of diverse cultures in her work.

Bob Gordon Jones

Bob Gordon Jones began painting watercolors at 15. Encouraged by The Cody Wyoming Art League, his painting of “The Gun Barrel Fire” won him the Blue Ribbon for Oil Painting. Fascinated by space and the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Telescope with their pictures of our universe began his paintings of stars, planets, galaxies, nebula and deep space. Bob’s painting of “The Butterfly Nebula in The Scorpius Constellation” was the beginning of his work from Hubble pictures. “The Glory of God” was his first from James Webb Telescope.

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